STL RPM Learning Stations

Learn advanced techniques

St. Louis RPM offers stations to learn advanced modeling techniques from some of the industry's best companies. Learn how to weather your freight cars, build track and switches, install sound systems in locomotives, and other advanced processes in a one-on-one atmosphere with a hands on approach to modeling. Below are 4 of the learning stations available at the 2022 event.

STL RPM Learning Center

The Weathering Shop

Shop Crew

"Weather" you want to have mild or extreme weathering on your models, there are many techniques and products available, with which we will try to enlighten you at the Weathering Shop table. We'll be doing some hands on weathering, so bring a model, sit down, and get dirty!

JP 3D Models

Jimmie Pottberg

Do you have questions about 3D printing? Just ask JP 3D! Jimmie Pottberg will answer all your questions about how he can create your unique or one-of-a-kind prototype models for what ever scale you need. He will have samples of his work and explain the process of making your railroad come to life in 3D!

All About Airbrushing

Badger Air Brush

Please join Dan Osborn in a hands-on learning opportunity to learn all about airbrushing. This clinic is for beginners as well as professional airbrushers. We will go over the ABC's of airbrushing and give YOU a chance to learn everything there is to painting your models.

Introduction to JMRI

Brian Post

Learn the basics and ask any question for using both Decoder Pro and Panel Pro.

Decoder Pro:

  • Throttle demonstrations in JMRI (Java Model Railroad Interface)
  • Programming and trouble shooting all decoders
  • Using different screen displays
  • Creating a log of your locomotives

Panel Pro:

  • Programming and trouble shooting your DCC components ( Digirax PM-42 & DCS-240 )
  • Making a switch list for running trains
  • Creating an inventory of rolling stock and locomotives